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Florida Workers Comp

Eliminate surprises and never worry again about large lump sum payments  - either up-front or those end of the year balloon payments!

The Pay-As-You-Go Program eliminates large up-front deposits, “best guess” premiums, hassle-filled audits and the dreaded year-end payments.

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TPM has exciting Florida Workers Comp and Liability Insurance programs for Brokers and Agents.

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TPM serves small and large businesses across the USA. 

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Find out now how our cutting edge Pay-As-You-Go Program can cut your Florida Workers Compensation and Florida Liability Insurance out-of-pocket costs both - upfront and long-term! Get specific "decision making" information now!

Workers Compensation

Workers Comp Information

Florida Workers Compensation

TPM's Pay-As-You-Go Program offers a worry-free solution to the traditional management of Florida Workers Compensation Insurance. 
The Pay-As-You-Go Program works just the way taxes are handled -- calculating Florida Workers Compensation and Florida Liability Insurance based on the actual payroll. These elements are then bundled into your existing payroll at a significant savings.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance Solutions

Liability Insurance - The Law

Although insurance policies may be difficult to decipher, protecting your investment by managing risk is essential. In many cases, it's also the law.
Why worry about accidents and your company's future? Get a info now from TPM and find out how we can point you towards cutting edge liability Insurance alternatives.


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Total Payroll Management Services

TPM processes and distributes accurate paychecks to your work-site on time,  and even offers direct deposit of paychecks. Outsourcing your payroll to TPM is one of the many benefits of our working relationship.
Find out how TPM can help your Florida business grow.


 Workers Comp BrokersBrokers and AgentsWorkers Compensation Brokers

TPM's  Pay-As-You-Go Program is ideal for your "Hard To Place" clients. TPM features extensive training, plug and play forms and presentation materials to assist you in offering our services to your clients
We can turn your  Florida Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance clients into a productive book of business for you. TPM works on a win/win philosophy with all of our clients and partners.
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TPM Features a cutting edge program to lower costs associated with employees.Workers Comp Information

The Pay-As-You-Go Program offers a worry-free solution to the traditional management of  Florida Workers Compensation and Florida Liability Insurance.

  • Pay-As-You-Go
    The  Pay-As-You-Go Program works just the way taxes are handled -- calculating them based on the actual payroll.  This is a revolutionary Florida Workers Comp Program.
  • Florida Workers Compensation
    TPM uses a cutting-edge process that considers job classifications, claims records and other factors, and then calculates them with each payroll run. You effectively look back each week to see who in your company  worked, what classification code they worked under, and report the hours they worked. It's that simple!
  • Florida Liability Insurance
    There are no surprises and you won't have any audit surprises or large lump sum payments either up-front or at the end of the policy period.
  • Payroll
    Employment errors can be very expensive to a business. With so many employment laws, including COBRA, ADA, INS, EEOC, OSHA and others, even the smallest mistake can be legally significant and very expensive. In fact, the small details can become a company’s biggest problems.
  • Online Quotes
    Access out online quote system now to find out how easy and inexpensive our services will be for your company. We can bundle your Florida Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance into your existing payroll.

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    imageTPM is working with brokers and agents across the nation. We can help you place your clients in need of Florida Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. Our program has extensive training and resources to equip you and your staff to seamlessly move your clients through the underwriting process

    Find out now how easy it can be for us to work together to place your clients into a program guaranteed to mee their needs.

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We bundle both your Florida Workers Compensation and optional Liability Insurance needs into this program.  We can prepare a custom quote for your company. Get a quote today!

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